2019 Long-Term Care Best Practice Awards Applications Now Open for Nominations

Friends of Residents in Long Term Care is excited to announce that nominations for the 2019 Best Practice Awards are now being accepted through September 30, 2019. Awards will be presented at the Fall Fiesta Event on October 26, 2019 at Cantina 18 in Downtown Raleigh. Winners will receive 2 complimentary tickets to the event.

2019 Sharon Wilder Advocate Award Application

Online nomination submissions

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2019 Best Practice Award

Online nomination submission

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New Bills Introduced in the NC Legislature to Help LTC Residents!

Friends of Residents’ Executive Director, Bill Lamb with Raleigh Rep. Cynthia Ball (D) at the Legislative Building.  Photo Credit Rose Hoban, NC Health News.

Friends of Residents’ Executive Director, Bill Lamb with Raleigh Rep. Cynthia Ball (D) at the Legislative Building. Photo Credit Rose Hoban, NC Health News.

As a result of Friends of Residents' April 3rd LTC advocacy day and the 80 dedicated advocates who participated, members of the NC General Assembly have responded!

Several bills have been introduced in the House directly related to our priority concerns.

H752, H753, H811 and H938 all address increasing the personal needs allowance for Medicaid LTC residents.

H754 would provide funding for additional long term care ombudsmen. Great News!

This April 17, 2019 article by Thomas Goldsmith from NC Health News shares the news and additional details about the pending legislation:

Long-Term Care Advocates Convene at the NC General Assembly

Long-Term Care Advocates Convene at the NC General Assembly

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 76 dedicated long-term care advocates delivered critical information to every NC state senator and representative about the necessity of raising the personal needs allowance for nursing home and assisted living residents and the need to support additional LTC ombudsmen positions. Thank you to all who participated!

News & Observer: $66 a month for medicine and clothes. Adult care home residents say that's not enough.

This article was published in the March 6, 2019 News & Observer by Lynn Bonner

People on public assistance who live in adult care homes get $66 a month to pay for prescription drugs, telephones, deodorant, clothes, and other personal items.

That $66 doesn’t go far, so many people end up relying on charities, family members, or the adult care homes themselves to provide some essentials. Often, they go without some of the basics.

Friends of Residents in Long-Term Care, a group that advocates for people living in adult-care and nursing homes, wants the legislature to increase the allowance for people living in those facilities.

NC to consider hiking personal needs allowance for long-term care residents

NC Health News Thomas .png

By Thomas Goldsmith via North Carolina Health News Published February 19, 2019

Medicaid recipients in long-term care in N.C. receive $50 in personal spending money a month in nursing homes and $66 in assisted living, a sum that’s remained the same for years.

By Thomas Goldsmith: NC Health News

A proposal to increase the amount of money available to North Carolina’s long-term care residents raises a compelling question: How much does a person need to live on, once room, board and medical care are provided?

Interviews with long-term care residents on Medicaid and others familiar with their spending show that the answer depends on what you mean by “live.”

“OK, do I pay for medicine? Or do I pay my phone bill?,” said Michael Rubins, 30, a resident of Oak Hill Assisted Living Community in Harnett County. “Or how am I going to get toiletries next month?

“What if I want to go to a movie or just do the things that most people take for granted?”

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A Message from the 2019 Board Chair

2019 holds a great deal of promise for Friends and those for whom we advocate. This promise comes in many guises. We have added several new members to the Board of Directors. Each new member brings valuable experiences and insights that complement those of our returning board members.

The 2018 board identified an important set of policy goals for the 2019 legislative session. Primary among these was a focus on increasing the woefully inadequate Personal Needs Allowance for persons in nursing homes or adult/family care homes. The board has, for the first time in many years, retained a lobbyist to enhance our ability to achieve our policy goals, He has an impressive background in the legislative activities, in social services and in long-term care policy.

In addition, we are planning, and hope you will participate in, the Friends sponsored Long-Term Care Advocacy Day scheduled for April. During this day, Friends members and long-term care residents will visit state legislators to provide information and gain support for our policy goals.

As part of our efforts to increase membership, streamline procedures, and generate more funding, we have added a part-time administrative staff person to the Friends’ family. She will assist board committees in their work to enhance our visibility on social media and to increase the funding and membership of Friends.

Our extraordinary and seemingly tireless Executive Director, Bill Lamb, will, as always, be at the forefront in all our efforts. He and the entire board hope you will join us in making 2019 a year that we can look back on with great pride.

Warm regards,
Charles Phillips, PhD, MPH
Chair, Board of Directors

A Message from the Friends of Resident's Board Chair

A Year of Rules Review Ahead

The Division of Health Services Regulation is mounting two separate initiatives in 2019 to review NC rules applicable to licensed long term care facilities in North Carolina. This would apply to both licensed nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

A stakeholder group invited by the Nursing Home Licensure and Certification Section began work on January 9th to begin work and make comments on proposed changes to NC rules codified in 10A NCAC 13D. The purpose of this review is to to align the NC Rules Governing the Licensure of Nursing Homes with the Federal requirements at Title 42, Chapter 4, Subchapter G, Part 483, Requirements for States and Long Term Care Facilities, Subpart B Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities; and to hold all nursing facilities in NC to common standards.

At the same time nursing home rules are under review, the Adult Care Licensure Section is beginning a phased rules review of NC rules impacting Adult Care Home and Family Care Homes. The first meeting of this stakeholder group has been scheduled for February 13th, the second Wednesday in February. The stakeholder group is scheduled to continue work on the second Wednesdays of each month through 2019.