NC to consider hiking personal needs allowance for long-term care residents

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By Thomas Goldsmith via North Carolina Health News Published February 19, 2019

Medicaid recipients in long-term care in N.C. receive $50 in personal spending money a month in nursing homes and $66 in assisted living, a sum that’s remained the same for years.

By Thomas Goldsmith: NC Health News

A proposal to increase the amount of money available to North Carolina’s long-term care residents raises a compelling question: How much does a person need to live on, once room, board and medical care are provided?

Interviews with long-term care residents on Medicaid and others familiar with their spending show that the answer depends on what you mean by “live.”

“OK, do I pay for medicine? Or do I pay my phone bill?,” said Michael Rubins, 30, a resident of Oak Hill Assisted Living Community in Harnett County. “Or how am I going to get toiletries next month?

“What if I want to go to a movie or just do the things that most people take for granted?”

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