A Message from the 2019 Board Chair

2019 holds a great deal of promise for Friends and those for whom we advocate. This promise comes in many guises. We have added several new members to the Board of Directors. Each new member brings valuable experiences and insights that complement those of our returning board members.

The 2018 board identified an important set of policy goals for the 2019 legislative session. Primary among these was a focus on increasing the woefully inadequate Personal Needs Allowance for persons in nursing homes or adult/family care homes. The board has, for the first time in many years, retained a lobbyist to enhance our ability to achieve our policy goals, He has an impressive background in the legislative activities, in social services and in long-term care policy.

In addition, we are planning, and hope you will participate in, the Friends sponsored Long-Term Care Advocacy Day scheduled for April. During this day, Friends members and long-term care residents will visit state legislators to provide information and gain support for our policy goals.

As part of our efforts to increase membership, streamline procedures, and generate more funding, we have added a part-time administrative staff person to the Friends’ family. She will assist board committees in their work to enhance our visibility on social media and to increase the funding and membership of Friends.

Our extraordinary and seemingly tireless Executive Director, Bill Lamb, will, as always, be at the forefront in all our efforts. He and the entire board hope you will join us in making 2019 a year that we can look back on with great pride.

Warm regards,
Charles Phillips, PhD, MPH
Chair, Board of Directors

A Message from the Friends of Resident's Board Chair