A Year of Rules Review Ahead

The Division of Health Services Regulation is mounting two separate initiatives in 2019 to review NC rules applicable to licensed long term care facilities in North Carolina. This would apply to both licensed nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

A stakeholder group invited by the Nursing Home Licensure and Certification Section began work on January 9th to begin work and make comments on proposed changes to NC rules codified in 10A NCAC 13D. The purpose of this review is to to align the NC Rules Governing the Licensure of Nursing Homes with the Federal requirements at Title 42, Chapter 4, Subchapter G, Part 483, Requirements for States and Long Term Care Facilities, Subpart B Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities; and to hold all nursing facilities in NC to common standards.

At the same time nursing home rules are under review, the Adult Care Licensure Section is beginning a phased rules review of NC rules impacting Adult Care Home and Family Care Homes. The first meeting of this stakeholder group has been scheduled for February 13th, the second Wednesday in February. The stakeholder group is scheduled to continue work on the second Wednesdays of each month through 2019.